Gamers launch a one-punch build to defeat all Bosses in Elden Ring


Streamer BushyGames has developed one construction style Allows your character to destroy bosses in the game simply by a blow. The rules in the BushyGames challenge are quite simple: Only attack each boss or its first phase (some bosses have two phases) with one attack and do not use the Comet Azur spell. And, it’s no surprise that the streamer modeled his character after him One Punch Manthe famous character who knocks out every opponent with a devastating punch.

BushyGames posted the process of overcoming the above challenge in a about 50-minute video on his YouTube channel. The initial build starts with collecting items like Ax Talisman (which increases physical damage by 10%) and Spiked Cracked Tear (which increases critical damage by 15%). The streamer completed his build with the giant hammer Giant-Crusher. Of course, BushyGames spent some time looking for forging stones to upgrade Giant-Crusher’s power.

After making improvements, BushyGames decided to test the above build on Deathbird in Liurnia of the Lakes. In the first time, this gamer used the buffs from Bloodboil Aromatic and the Golden Vow spell, but Deathbird only lost half of his health.

By the third run, BushyGames had defeated the monster and then continued to take down all the main bosses in Elden Ringeven Radahn – a big obstacle for many players.​

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