Leaking information about Battlefield 2042, gamers are permanently “banned”?

Currently EA is opening a closed technical test of Battlefield 2042, only available to a select few lucky gamers. These players will have to sign an NDA contract guaranteeing that they will not share or reveal any details or videos about this test, but it seems that some people have not been able to comply with the content. content has committed.​


Not long after the testing period began, a number of PC gamers posted and livestreamed images of the initial build of the game. Battlefield 2042. EA tried to delete these videos as quickly as possible but they were re-uploaded so much that it was difficult to clean them up. Adam Freeman, community lead at EA Studios Europe, warns: Those with access to this beta must carefully comply with the terms of the NDA, or they may be banned from their channel and left. many long-term consequences. Adam also added:


According to Adam, gamers who violate the NDA terms may lose the right to participate in future EA tests and lose the right to play Battlefield 2042 when it is officially released. While Microsoft and 343 are completely comfortable with leaking information from the technical test version of Halo Infinite, EA is much more difficult, it is better for gamers to comply with their commitments to the company to avoid consequences. unexpected.

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