Insomniac Games’ multiplayer Spider-Man game has been canceled?

\Few days ago, Insomniac Games suffered a major hack, causing data about the company’s projects to be leaked. Among the names that receive the attention of gamers is Spider-man multiplayer version, although it seems that this project has been canceled.

According to journalist Jason Schreier on Bloomberg, the game title Spider-Man This multiplayer was likely made at Insomniac Games at some point in the last few years as Spider-Man: The Great Web. In this game, players can roam around New York with other Spider-Man friends and chase criminals. The Great Web’s expected release date was not revealed, so it’s unclear whether Insomniac Games initially intended for the game to launch before or after. Spider-Man 2.

Despite being cancelled, certain features of the game may still be used with other Spider-Man sequels in the future. The leak event also revealed that an online mode for Spider-Man 2 may come to the gaming community in 2024. Until now, Insomniac Games has remained silent about the existence of the multiplayer project as well as the online mode mentioned above.


The Insomniac Games data leak is certainly one of the industry’s biggest incidents this year. A total of 1.7 terabytes of data was leaked, including the entire list of games Insomniac is developing over the next 10 years. Not only that, the PC version for the game Wolverine was also leaked and ready for gamers to download. However, players who download this data will have to receive a notice of intellectual copyright infringement from the DMCA. Hopefully this unfortunate incident will not affect the development path of products from this studio in the future.​

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