Last Epoch is the fourth breakthrough game of 2024


In just the first two months of 2024, four new games suddenly exploded in popularity on PC. The most recent game is Last Epoch. The Diablo-style action role-playing game is currently attracting more than 260,000 online players on Steam. Although server problems are being fixed, Last Epoch’s offline mode seems to be making players frustrated.

Last Epoch came out at a pretty good time, as the third season of Diablo 4 hasn’t caught on and Path of Exile 2 is still months away from release. For gamers who want an action role-playing experience with loot elements, the game is from an indie developer Eleventh Hour Games is the perfect choice.

Reviews of the game on Steam were somewhat mixed as many people had difficulty logging in and staying connected. The developers have continuously posted updates about what they’re working on through every social media channel, but that still hasn’t quelled complaints from thousands of players. However, five years in Early Access have built trust with returning players, and Last Epoch still attracted enough players to reach the top 10 most played games last week on Steam, even surpassing above Baldur’s Gate 3.

Eleventh Hour Games’ game title is not as outstanding as a “phenomenon” Palworld last month, but action-RPG fans commented that the rich item crafting system and diverse character builds could put Last Epoch on par with Diablo 4. When Diablo players 4 waiting for Blizzard to solve some existing problems in the new season, they can experience a game of the same genre with a longer lifespan and absorb player feedback.


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