HEAVY RuLy – The girl who gave up being a translator to pursue a career as a Streamer

There is inherently a promising future with a stable, female interpreter job Streamer widely known by fans by the name HEAVY RuLy, chose to turn to Streamer – a profession that many people still think “don’t know if they can make money”. So what made HEAVY RuLy make such a bold decision? Let’s listen to the story of this 25-year-old girl with GameHub.


HEAVY RuLy’s real name is Tran Thi Nam, living and working in Binh Phuoc. Currently, Nam is a Streamer under 3i Media company. With her cheerful and sociable personality and cute chubby appearance, she is often lovingly called “U” by fans. Sharing about his fate to become a Streamer, Nam said:

And so, Nam has officially become a Streamer since May 2019 until now. At first, the female Streamer faced strong opposition from her family because Nam’s parents and siblings still expected her to continue her previous future orientation of becoming a Japanese interpreter with a stable salary. determined. Faced with their daughter’s determination as well as many restrictions due to the epidemic, her parents had to compromise. However, Nam had to promise to complete his studies at school while working as a Streamer to reassure the whole family.​


Except for her family’s opposition, the difficulties in her career also cause the young girl many worries. Confiding in GameHub, the female Streamer said: This job is not easy, just playing games can make a lot of money like many people think. To gain a foothold, Streamers are forced to trade many things, such as time, effort or daily relationships… Nam is no exception, she had to temporarily put everything aside to fully focus on her career. passion. Many times I hear friends and relatives ask “how much salary”, “what are you doing now”, “why do you still work if you don’t have money”; Nam was also very disappointed, but instead of giving up, she turned it into motivation to try harder.

Thanks to the help of his seniors in the company as well as his tireless efforts, Nam has gradually proven himself, becoming a Creator of Facebook Gaming. This is an important milestone in Nam’s career, giving her many opportunities to develop and improve herself further.


It can be said that after many concerns and hardships to pursue the profession, Streamer HEAVY RuLy has initially achieved certain successes. Just as she said: “Any path will blossom when you are truly determined and serious.” Hopefully in the future, the career of this persistent girl will develop even more brilliantly.

Interested readers can follow HEAVY RuLy’s livestream at:

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