Kingdom: The Blood – Thrilling ARPG game based on Netflix’s Korean historical zombie series


If you are a fan of the series Kingdom above Netflixreaders will surely be extremely excited about the developer’s latest announcement Action Square (Blade for Kakao, Blade Three Kingdom, …), when the company said it was in the process of making a game for both Mobile and PC based on this popular series – Kingdom: The Blood. This morning, a short teaser was also posted with the announcement to stimulate fans’ curiosity.

Kingdom: The Blood is introduced as a third-person action role-playing game with co-op elements. Even though it only teased a few images, they were enough to make fans widen their eyes at the game’s 3D graphics created by Unreal Engine 4. In terms of gameplay, Kingdom: The Blood promises to bring thrilling action scenes, closely following the original series on Netflix.

The original work of the game is a long-running film series called Kingdom (Zombie dynasty), shown on Netflix from 2019 to present. This is a fast-paced mystery thriller set in the Joseon era by writer Kim Eun Hee. The film begins with crown prince Lee Chang and his trusted guard Mu-Yeong leaving the capital Hanyang to investigate the mystery of the king’s illness. Taking this opportunity, the sinister general Cho Hak Ju and his daughter, Queen Cho, found ways to depose the crown prince.

On his way to find the truth about his father, Lee Chang suddenly encountered an outbreak of a vicious epidemic that turned people into aggressive bloodthirsty zombies, spreading the disease through bites. With the help of female physician Seo Bi and mysterious hunter Yeong Shin, the crown prince seeks to stop the spread of the epidemic while also confronting Cho Hak Ju’s evil schemes.


Kingdom: The Blood will be released on both mobile and PC platforms in the future. All the latest information about the game’s release date will be updated by Gamehub to readers in the near future.

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