Horror game Mickey Mouse was forced to change its name after accusations of anti-Semitism

Copyright law in the United States stipulates that works or characters become public property 95 years after publication. That means version Mickey Mouse first used in the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie, its intellectual property rights will officially expire on January 1, 2024.

Although this is only the most rudimentary version in black and white, with a classic iconic character like Mickey Mouse, it is more than enough to inspire creators. Currently, there are at least two movies and one title horror game related to Mickey Mouse announced.

Developed by Nightmare Forge Games, Mickey Mouse game version horrified should have been called “Infestation 88”. However, just one day after launch, the game was immediately renamed Infestation: Origins due to accusations of anti-Semitism.


Specifically, the number “88” is said to refer to the letter 8 in the Latin alphabet, forming “HH”, which is the abbreviation for “Heil Hitler”, a phrase banned in Germany because of its connection to the movement. Nazi movement. Furthermore, Jews during that period were considered lowly and dirty rats, but in the game the player’s task is to destroy the monster version of Mickey Mouse and deal with the mouse invasion. using gas. Connecting the details, many people believe that the title “Infestation 88” has a slight connection to anti-Semitic ideology.

In response to criticism, Nightmare Forge Games decided to change its name to Infestation: Origins and affirmed that the game had nothing to do with historical events. According to the explanation, the number “88” is used to represent the game’s setting – 1988 – and also creates a symmetrical design in the logo. The studio said they “did not have any other implications”, but still changed the name to avoid unnecessary controversy.


Infestation: Origins is said to feature a number of “unique locations” that players will explore to unravel the horrifying mysteries of how each infection begins. Each area has “classic characters” or urban legends to tackle, and Mickey Mouse will be one of them.​

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