It’s not difficult, the developer of The Day Before had a plan to trick players from the beginning

Recently, foreign media reported that developer Fntastic of “The Day Before” actually does not have an office or employees, and in the financial report there is also no salary section for employees. This shows that the reason for lack of development capital that the company previously gave was completely fake, the purpose from the beginning of this “ghost company” may have been just to scam money and then run away.

Yahoo Singapore reported that, according to documents listed by the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), Fntastic’s office located in Singapore’s Central District is actually a shared workspace for many companies and only Provide an address for a virtual office. The PENINSULA PLAZA address listed in the company’s documents also does not have a suitable tenant, this address belongs to a management consulting company.


According to the company’s original registration documents, Fntastic has two members of the board of directors, Eduard Gotovsev and Aisen Gotovsev. Eduard was the CEO of the company, when the scandal of The Day Before broke out, Eduard also locked his Twitter account and restricted his LinkedIn page. It is known that the two in turn invested 50,000 Singapore dollars (about 915 million VND) as the company’s capital.

According to Discord screenshots leaked on Reddit, there have been 201,000 copies of The Day Before sold, of which 91,000 have been refunded. That means the company is still selling 110,000 copies, or $4.3 million. However, due to the refund policy of Steam and Fntastic’s own unconditional refund promise, this money will certainly not go into this developer’s pocket.


Even so, the company will still receive revenue of about 3.4 million Singapore dollars (equivalent to 63 billion VND) from Russian publisher Mytona. Fntastic’s previous announcements also clearly stated, “The game is sponsored by Mytona, one of the world’s largest mobile game publishers. According to the contract, Mytona must also be in charge of checking the game’s status in each phase. paragraph.”​

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