It took 15 years for this image to appear in the game Mafia


Part one of the version mod intended for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, which has been in development for a long time, is finally available to fans. The mod includes the ship HMS Titanic destroyed back to the Mafia with missions revolving around Salieri’s gang.

Mod version Mafia Titanic Mod has a name that attracts attention and has been in development since 2006. After 15 years, Mafia Titanic Mod can finally be released to the public. However, the mod is not yet completely complete. Basically, the plot of part one is about a sea voyage on the famous ship, but players cannot yet explore every corner of the Titanic. The interior of the ship as well as details related to the shipwreck event have not been added to part one of the mod. So this is a less “deadly” version of the Titanic.


Lead developer Robin Bongaarts estimates that the full mod will consist of four parts, telling the entire story of the Mafia. However, fans can download part one here and begin exploring the meticulously reconstructed, impressive ship filled with passengers.

Unfortunately, the mod is not compatible with the recently released Mafia: Definitive Edition remake. Mafia Titanic Mod can only work on Mafia 1, version without mods installed. Players can purchase Mafia 1 on Steam and GOG.

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