InZOI – PUBG developer’s test with the life simulation game series


Krafton introduced InZOI in G-STAR 2023, an international game event in Busan, South Korea. InZOI’s trailer introduces a game simulate life has an impressive interface and realistic graphics.

Factors Sim familiar all appear in the form of hyper-realistic graphics. Viewers can watch characters go through daily life, character creation interface, relationships, building mode and Director mode. This mode allows players to change their character’s schedule, the weather, and even the city. Players can also use filters for in-game images.

InZOI is one of Krafton’s new “self-developed” games, expected to be released in 2024. The game turns players into gods with the ability to change everything according to their will and experience unique experiences. Endless stories in a diverse life.

The game has the following introduction: “Do you have the life you’ve always dreamed of? Do you need a unique experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination? In InZOI, you can freely control the world like a god and make your ideal life a reality. Additionally, instead of just living the simple life given to you, you can become the main character leading the life you desire. It’s time to create your own story at InZOI, where limitless possibilities await!”

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