Instructions for downloading the game Solo Leveling Arise – Netmarble’s ARPG masterpiece

Solo Leveling After sweeping the community, Manhwa is becoming a super hot name on Netflix, allowing Anime fans to enjoy Sung Jinwoo’s journey to godhood. But the screen is like that, so the virtual world did not forget to buff him with the version Solo Leveling Arise under the hands of fellow countrymen Netmarble. Just launched the limited edition Soft Launch, super product ARPG This can already be officially experienced in some areas.

Vietnamese gamers are somewhat less fortunate when they cannot officially get their hands on this game, but GameHub will guide you to download the game. Solo Leveling Arise right now and play the role of Sung Jinwoo on his journey to find his position.


Note: This method of downloading the game can almost only be done on PC. Therefore, GameHub recommends that you use a PC for this tutorial.

Step 1: Visit:

Step 2: Click on the right corner of the screen in the “Setup PC Install” or “Schedule Auto PC Install” box. After clicking, you will receive the installation file on your PC.


Step 3: Proceed with installation. This is Netmarble’s own emulator/Launcher software, similar to Gameloop. When installed, Launcher will automatically lead to the game.

Step 4: When completing the installation, you will likely receive a notification that the region is not supported. Turn off Launcher and install a VPN software. GameHub encourages you to use SoftEther VPN completely free of charge.

After activating the VPN software, you can choose Canada or Thailand. These are the two countries that are opening Soft Launch with the game.

Step 5: Reactivate Netmarble Launcher and install Solo Leveling Arise so you can start experiencing this ARPG masterpiece.

To refer to the experience of Solo Leveling Arise and find friends to play, readers can join the Xom Me Game community on Facebook here:


Solo Leveling: Arise is a game developed based on the popular Manhwa and Anime series about the adventures of Sung Jinwoo, a monster hunter – from a weak person to the only individual capable of ‘leveling up’. ‘ and power up beyond other hunters. Throughout the series are exploits and a journey to discover the meaning behind Sung Jinwoo’s abilities and why he possesses this power.

Solo Leveling: Arise can be said to be the most meticulously invested adaptation game in the plot today, to the point where gamers have to throw their heads back and complain because there are too many storylines. The reason is because the developer has divided the game’s plot into 2 parts, one main part will be the perspective of main Sung Jin-woo and the other part will include perspectives from supporting characters. And of course, players will have to pass each storyline to get rewards.


Regarding gameplay, although the game title is “Solo Leveling”, leveling up alone, Arise allows players to add teammates to support with 3 shadow soldiers. In addition, players can completely replace other hunter characters into shadow soldiers to make it more similar to the original. Another unique feature of Solo Leveling Arise is the graphics, especially the character’s animation and skill effects. All are very impressive and meticulously designed. Besides, the character design also makes us admire.

The game was teased in late 2022 and is now open for pre-registration globally. Fans can register for a game account via the game’s official website, Google Play, App Store or Netmarble Launcher to receive rewards when the game officially launches. Specifically, the reward will include a costume for Sung Jin-woo, two Mana Energy Crystals for each attribute, a Legendary Relic Set, and 100,000 Gold.


Solo Leveling is certainly an interesting story, and players will be curious to see how Arise will be received when the game releases. Can Korean adaptations challenge the historical dominance of games inspired by Japanese anime and manga?

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