Helldivers 2 gives players more firepower with two new heavy guns

Helldivers 2 just added two new heavy weapons for the “hell divers” who are struggling to bring freedom to the whole galaxy. These two guns seem to be specifically aimed at the Automatons, as the new Major Orders from Super Earth are targeting the planet Troost to prevent the “invasion” of the deadly robots. According to Arrowhead Game Studios’ announcement on X today, 2 guns LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun is now available “for immediate distribution on the battlefield”.


Both guns are heavy weapons that will appear as Stratagems and can be unlocked at quite low levels (level 12 for Heavy Machine Gun and level 18 for Quasar Cannon). It seems that Super Earth’s “Ministry of Truth” made a small mistake with the Heavy Machine Gun, when in the official announcement, they had the code MG-101, but in the game menu, they were labeled MG-101. number is MG-206. Ignoring this confusion, the Heavy Machine Gun is described as “A type of machine gun that has great damage but is difficult to use with extremely strong recoil“. It costs 6,000 Requisition Slip to unlock, with a 480 second cooldown and unlimited uses.


On the other side, the Quasar Cannon looks like an energy missile launcher with some control mechanism. It is described as: “Charge the battery to fire a powerful burst of energy. There is a long cooldown after shooting.” This weapon costs 7,500 Requisition Slip to unlock and also has a cooldown of 480 seconds with unlimited uses. According to the experience of warriors who have tried it, it can easily defeat almost all types of large enemies with just 1 or 2 shots (1 shot with Hulk and Charger; 2 shots with Bile Titan and Annihilator Tank).


With the appearance of these two guns, the list of the best weapons in Helldivers 2 will definitely change. This is an extremely necessary addition to firepower as the battlefield in the game is becoming more and more fierce. In addition, Arrowhead also seems to be preparing to add the Gatling Gun to the game, but the specific time is unknown.

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