Hot: VCS suspends a series of players suspected of being involved in negative allegations of the tournament

The past week can be considered an extremely stressful time for the organizers, teams and fans. VCS – Championship League of Legends in Viet Nam. As you know, on March 18, VCS organizers suddenly announced the postponement of the VSC Spring 2024 tournament to review the negative behaviors taking place within the tournament.

After 10 days of investigation, today (March 28), the official Facebook page of VCS League of Legends posted the latest information about the case, along with a list of 32 individuals from 8 teams suspected of being involved. related to the incident and forced to temporarily suspend competition or direct competition to serve the investigation. It is known that during this time, the above individuals will not be able to participate in any activities Esports any Riot Games tournament, including official tournaments or tournaments organized by third parties.


List of 32 individuals suspended pending investigation

It can be seen that Riot Games and VCS organizers are making extremely drastic and timely moves to ensure competition, fairness and prestige of the regional tournament. However, currently this is just a list of individuals under investigation and there is no conclusion as to whether they are actually involved in the case or not. Therefore, the gaming community should be careful with information sources. unofficial to avoid causing unnecessary impacts, especially during this sensitive time.

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