Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion released a week late because of the Elden Ring DLC

dăDawntrail’s expansion Final Fantasy 14 has officially announced the release date for Early Access and the official version.

Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki’Yoshi-P‘ Yoshida shared more details of the upcoming expansion and accompanying 7.0 update at a special PAX East presentation livestreamed yesterday. Early Access will begin on June 28, 2024 and full launch a week later on July 2.


Yoshi-P also noted that he really wanted to release Dawntrail a week earlier, but “a little-known game” called Elden Ring is also releasing an expansion Shadow of the Erdtree Meanwhile. “We think everyone will enjoy playing the Elden Ring DLC,” the director said, “I’ll give you a week!”


Yoshi-P later joked that the one-week delay was not because he wanted to play the Elden Ring expansion. “To be clear, it’s not because I like playing Elden Ring before Dawntrail,” the director joked before bursting into laughter.

Final Fantasy 14’s developers have long been teasing the summer expansion, which is said to kick off the game’s next decades-long story, giving us plenty of insight into what’s new, what to expect and what’s changing. For example, Dawntrail’s Cosmic Exploration feature will take players to explore the stars in the continent’s sky. It seems like it is eliminating the “chill” feeling of the game’s other common activities and replacing it with “plowing” like Ishgard Restoration.


Besides, Final Fantasy 14 will also upgrade character graphics along with the expansion. Players will definitely enjoy the more detailed and beautiful character customizations, especially as many new players will be switching to the recently released Xbox version – and returning players will be able to build New faces with upcoming Viper and Pictomancer classes.

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