Helldivers 2 prepares players to control robots?

It’s been a while since Helldivers 2 After being released for a while, players are hoping that the developer will add new content, such as heavy weapons, to make the battles in the game more unique. Recently, a video suddenly spread online that was said to record unreleased features of the company Helldivers 2.

The video, posted by Reddit user Fozzye18, shows a soldier climbing into control of a robot and using a rocket launcher to destroy enemies. If what the video shares is true, perhaps in the near future, Helldivers 2 gamers will have the opportunity to use these fighting machines to increase their chances of winning in the upcoming tough battles. next.

Answering gamers’ questions, Fozzye18 said he was lucky enough to access someone else’s version of the game and these are indeed unreleased features and weapons of the game. Although the video only shows one robot, according to Fozzye18, he himself had the opportunity to try out another robot equipped with a machine gun before the game crashed.

In addition to the robots, Fozzye18 also revealed that other players were seen using an item with similar features to a nuclear weapon as well as summoning a group of NPCs to assist them in their mission. However, Fozzye18 did not reveal any evidence or images about this, so its authenticity has not been completely verified.



Hopefully these new contents will be released to the market soon, they may become a great help for players in the battle to retake Malevelon Creekwhere the gaming community gathers Automaton the name “Vietnam Robot”. As we learned the other day, this planet fell into enemy hands after 2 weeks of intense fighting.

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