Top best Roblox shooting games you should play

Below is a comprehensive list of the best Roblox shooting games for gamers who are passionate about the “blocky” game genre. Let’s download and experience it now.

For those who have endless passion for the colorful and creative world of Roblox, perhaps you should not miss the attractive shooting games below. It will definitely make you have wonderful moments of entertainment.

Counter Blox

Counter Blox is a shooting game inspired by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive famous for its exciting 5v5 battles. In the game, every time you win battles and complete missions, you will receive a corresponding amount of money, which is used to buy weapons or costumes.

Top best shooting games in Roblox just for you
Counter Blox is inspired by Counter Srike

Rated appropriate for teens, each map in Counter Blox is recognizable and has the same color palette as the maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, there are obvious differences between Counter Blox and Counter-Strike such as the fact that some weapons are missing like the Zeus x27, the silencer cannot be removed from the M4A1-S and USP-S, as well as there being only one type. The only gamemode is Causal with two modes: Diffusal and Hostage Rescue.

In short, Counter Blox is a quality shooting experience suitable for young gamers, bringing dramatic matches but still retaining the simplicity and uniqueness of the original game.

Big Paintball

Top best shooting games in Roblox just for you
Big Paintball

In Big Paintball, you will participate in exciting 15-minute matches. You and your teammates will fight together to win the final victory.

A special feature of Big Paintball is the ability to attach “tags” to opponents to receive rewards and bonuses. Bonuses are obtained to purchase useful items, weapons and equipment to help you in your next matches. In addition, performing “killstreaks” will also give you rewards.

Big Paintball impresses with its incredible level of detail, each shot leaves patches of different colored paint on the battlefield, creating a colorful picture. With a variety of guns and maps, Big Paintball is a great choice for entertainment after stressful working hours.

Bad Business

Top best shooting games in Roblox just for you
Bad Business is an impressive Roblox shooting game

Bad Business is not just an ordinary Roblox game, but an FPS game experience so realistic that you may forget that you are playing on Roblox. This game is truly a prominent name in the Roblox shooting game industry.

In Bad Business, you will participate in intense and exciting matches, where not only shooting skills are needed but also smart tactics. Instead of just focusing on capturing targets, the game focuses on destroying opponents to level up and develop your character.

With long and fast-paced rounds, Bad Business provides players with non-stop action. In particular, the game also has a series of customizations, including weekly outfit changes to create a unique appearance and personality for the character.

In short, Bad Business is a game that any gamer who likes to play Roblox shooting should try once.


Top best shooting games in Roblox just for you

Arsenal is inspired by the Arms Race game mode in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but this game has been further developed with many unique game modes such as Standard, Gun Rotation and Random. A special feature of Arsenal is the unlimited use of weapons, from swords to flamethrowers, bringing diversity and excitement to players.

Unlike other shooting games, Arsenal does not focus on traditional shooting stages, but instead, the game takes place in unique locations such as luxurious beaches, splendid mansions or even on luxurious spaceships.

With special editions, Arsenal also allows players to create unique and interesting costumes, creating a diverse and rich game space. This makes the gaming experience more unique and interesting than ever.

Above are the top best Roblox shooting games that you should play, hoping to help you have more entertaining moments after a tiring day of work. Don’t forget to follow Mot Game to update the latest information about the game.

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