Hard-core fans of Halo: Reach spent 10 years just to reverse the plot and save the hero’s life

In Halo: Reach, players will take on the role of a member of the prestigious Noble team tasked with fighting against the Covenant. Through the game’s series of events, Noble team members all sacrificed their lives until the player character, Noble Six, became the last remaining Spartan. Recently Termacious Trickocity – a group of Halo players, found a way to save the life of one of the Noble team members, Emile.

Aaron Sekela, a member of Trickocity, shared: “This idea appeared right after the game launched. Since most of the characters died, the gaming community wanted some way to save them.” For 10 years, the team has researched, tested, and applied tips and techniques to find bugs in Halo to save Emile.

It is known that Emile is the only person on the Noble team who has the ability to be saved because all the other members die in cutscene. For example, with Jorge, even if they save this character from being blown up in the Corvette, Jorge will still be removed from the map after the cutscene, and the player will continue to do the mission without this character. So Emile, who doesn’t die in the cutscene is the only viable option.​


After a series of complicated tricks, the team saved Emile’s life and led him to the end of the game, but in the end this character still died. There was no way to stop the Zealot from stabbing Emile to death during Reach’s final mission. However, this is still a congratulatory success for Trickocity, a sweet fruit for their 10 years of effort.

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