GunZ: The Duel – The legendary “Net Shop” of 8x and 9x gamers suddenly reappears

The 8X and 9X generations must never forget the image of internet cafes 15-20 years ago, where thousands of gamers were immersed in the skillful moves of dodging bullets and wall-kicking. GunZ. That is the period that titles shooting game MMOs Korea almost dominates the Vietnamese market, allowing fans to experience action-packed gameplay at a crazy speed. Even after nearly two decades, GunZ still leaves a deep impression in the hearts of Vietnamese gamers, a mark that no future game can replace.

Fortunately, GunZ has now scheduled a return date, allowing us gamers to once again immerse ourselves in great close-quarters combat. No need to wait, GunZ: The Duel Prepare to welcome gamers back with the true GunZ gameplay of the past when allowing players to immerse themselves in top PVP/PVE levels.


With GunZ, players can perform moves to dodge bullets and fight to kill opponents with both close combat and gunplay. And yet, the game also offers a top-notch movement mechanism, once known as having a class far beyond the time of its release. There, players can perform a series of wall kicks, fly people, and even dodge bullets in mid-air.

A unique point that makes the GunZ brand is also the ability to perform moves outside of the game script, allowing players to combine unique moves. This is the point that makes GunZ leave a deep impression in the hearts of fans when it allows gamers to feel the freedom and unlimited customization in the game for the first time.

Game trailer GunZ: The Duel.


That’s the combat mechanism, so as for the game mode, GunZ: The Duel also offers a variety of attractive Modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch or even Capture The Flag, where gamers can freely show off their “cat and mouse” flying and jumping skills as tight as a string. Along with that, players can also customize and equip their characters with countless different combos, creating extremely unique and personal designs. Gamers can also choose from a variety of weapons from close combat to long range with the image of Katana struggling or 2 hands 2 guns swinging among the enemy squad.


With all the nostalgia of a legend and the peak value of a super shooting product that once hit the international as well as Vietnamese markets, GunZ: The Duel will definitely be the name that brings a moderate windfall. both familiar and strange to the gaming community. Re-experiencing a monument of the gaming industry is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for Vietnamese gamers in 2022.

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