Google Play Games launches beta version in 120 regions


As one of the most anticipated debuts this year, Google Play finally released Client PC in most regions. This new program has been hyped for a while and many people want to be able to play Android mobile games right on their computers without having to use emulators, stream over your phone or other complicated options.

Instead of choosing the headache-causing methods mentioned above, Google Play finally provides PC users with a program that allows them to download and play all the Android mobile game favorites right on your computer. This program is equipped with many different features, one of which is the ability to save cross-platform progress through a Google account. This is definitely a very important feature for every gamer.


US, European and Japanese users got to experience the session beta version belong to Google Play Games for a long time, but most of the remaining countries in the world still cannot access this Client. However, as of July 17, the beta will launch in 120 different regions. This program will meet the needs of many gamers to experience phone games more smoothly on computers.

Hopefully Google Play Games will be developed further in the future so that all players can stop playing their favorite gacha titles on unoptimized emulators and start officially supporting developers. develop. Interested readers can download the Beta version here.

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