Experience Phong Khoi Lac Duong – Nioh Dai Duong version now

Phong Khoi Lac Duong (good LuoYang) is one of the titles action game has recently attracted the attention of the Chinese gaming community. First announced in October last year, the “brainchild” of the developer Keyframe Studio Brings players stylish combat experiences Souls-like similar to Nioh but with the context of feudal Chinese society.

The events of Feng Kai Luoyang took place during the Wu Zhou period of the Great Tang, which was the dynasty under the reign of Wu Zetian. Vo Tac Thien moved the capital to Lac Duong, calling himself “Thanh Do”. To make this capital city prosperous, worthy of the title “land under the feet of heaven”, Vo Tac Thien issued a decree encouraging people to migrate here. A large number of people flocked to Luo Duong, including many dishonest elements, and many forces also took advantage of that to install their own people. Playing the role of a detective of “Thien Menh Ty”, the player’s mission is to eliminate evil cults, kill demons and demons, and protect the peace of “Thien Do” Lac Duong.




Currently, Phong Khoi Lac Duong is available on Steam as a free demo version. This demo includes 4 maps, 3 big battles with Boss with a total duration of about 3 – 4 hours. Players can use a number of available weapons such as Duong Dao, Mach Dao or Song Gian. In addition, gamers will also have the opportunity to explore many locations such as poor people’s street, devil’s market, prison of Dai Ly Tu or Dun Hoang…

Interested readers can download Demo game at:

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