Good tips players need to know to quickly get started in Journey to the West VNG: Dai Noo Tam Gioi

Journey to the West VNG As soon as it opened, it quickly attracted a large number of gamers to join the experience and begin the journey to conquer the Three Realms. To pass the missions and levels, new players will have to quickly get used to the way the world inside the game operates and quickly stabilize before the race to the top of the crowd. Let’s prepare ourselves mentally and gain some experience in getting acquainted with the new world through some of the following information.

Choose your destiny

As soon as I walked in journey to the West VNG, you will be able to choose 1 of 4 sects with 4 characteristic colors. These denominations will include:

  • Holy world: Includes immortals, true practitioners, bodhisattvas and teachers and students of Tang Tang whose strength is more prone to joint attacks.
  • Immortal World: Includes heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals and gods of the heavenly kingdom under the authority of the Emperor whose strength is oriented towards protection and shields.
  • Underworld: Includes demons related to death and a group that serves the underworld led by the King of Hell with the power of death, summoning, and poison.
  • Demon World: Includes demons that have practiced magic for a long time or people from heaven who have escaped to earth to cause chaos. The strength characteristics of this group tend to use continuous burning damage from fire.

You need to carefully choose the fighting style you like before entering the game world. You can change the main character’s side with the Canh Manh Ba item in the shop, but at least if you choose well from the beginning, you won’t have to spend money on “remaking” later.

Stick to the plot and pass the level

The two earliest features introduced to new players by Tay Du VNG are the story and overcoming levels. The plot will introduce players through the initial story opening until after meeting the Emperor of Heaven and being assigned the responsibility of escorting the sutra-retrieving group.


After that, you continue to be introduced to the level crossing section with individual matches arranged into independent story chapters. The entrance to the story feature will be from the character standing on the main screen of the game while the level crossing will have a separate entrance button.

Race of strength: Level and combat power

After passing the first stage of being fully introduced to the plot and overcoming levels, you will be free to explore West Journey VNG more. From there you will enter a race between 3 counterweights: overcoming levels/storyline, increasing levels and increasing combat power.


Overcoming stages and storylines will provide many EXP points to help you level up. The higher your level, the more useful features you will unlock. Most of the opening features in the early stages will be related to increasing basic combat power. High combat power helps the team become stronger, can go deeper into levels and open up more opportunities to farm materials in the level.

Notable features

First, the functions to increase the basic strength of champions need to be paid attention to. It includes level, breakthrough level and equipment level. New players need to regularly raise these stats as high as possible to keep the team’s strength at its peak.


Gradually as you level up, positions 4 – 6 will gradually open. When there are 6 positions in the squad, it means you have opened enough seats for the whole squad. From there, just choose the 6 generals in your hand that have the most advantage when combined (highest quality and most magical bonuses).

To have a general, you need to collect Thien Giac Hoan, which are command cards to summon generals in the Thien Canh Gioi function. Every day you will be given 10 free coins corresponding to 10 spins. Quests will also reward this item. If there is a shortage, when summoning the game, it will automatically be deducted from the original treasure at a price of 180 units for 1 Thien Giac Hoan. The beginner phase will have about 50 hero draws, enough for you to form a team with quite good strength.


An additional note is that after recording quite a few generals, you need to go to the Bach Vat Chi section to activate the generals that have been filmed to increase the team’s combat power through the beneficial stats of each character. contribute more.

The rewards are also quite abundant at this stage. You need to pay attention to reward items such as Achievements, Benefits, Tasks, Letters, and 7-Day Activities to get important donated materials. Sometimes some rewards come with experience points that will help you level up even faster.


The journey from beginner to level 20 will open more features that can add strength such as Gia Trang, Linh Lung Tham Bao, Linh Khi, Tam Thien Fantasy Realm… each will provide EXP, combat power or other benefits. activity brings upgrade materials. When you need to increase your strength, you must take full advantage of this list.


One piece of advice when you see the level of the game level is higher than the current one, it’s time to use the level sweep function. You will always lack many materials, especially Dia Tien Dan and Chan Tien Dan used to break through champions. Farming levels that provide these materials both helps you collect the necessary things and generates a lot of EXP to level up.

Once you pass level 20, you will gradually get used to the way Tay Du VNG operates and can follow that momentum to go deeper into the game. Just follow the story route, overcome levels until your strength is no longer enough to win, then turn to increase your combat power and optimize your team. New features will gradually open up and players will continue to get stronger.

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