GigaBash – Studio from Malaysia reveals new multiplayer monster arena


At the ongoing Pax Online East 2021 event, developer Passion Republic Games Malaysia-based has launched Steam and Epic Games Store pages for GigaBash – new multiplayer monster arena. The studio revealed GigaBash is set to release on PC and PS4 early next year, 2022.

News announced exclusively at this year’s Pax Online East said that GigaBash will add a new female character to its already rich cast of Heroes. She is Rohannathe Ancient King of Tarabak – a living testament to the wrath of the gods, Rohanna is a commander of an army of loyal subjects sworn to always protect the verdant empire at home. ,

Rohanna promises to be the ideal character for players who like to carry a convenient belt for fighting. She can summon a variety of tools such as exploding minions, spikes on the ground, or a giant baseball bat. Mastery of different nuances of weaponry gives Rohanna a solid advantage when engaging other Titans.

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