Ghost of Tsushima is the next PlayStation exclusive game coming to PC


Ghost of Tsushima released exclusively on PS4 and PS5 in July 2020, and a year later, the Director’s Cut gave the game additional content such as the Iki Island expansion and the Legends online multiplayer Co-op mode . Recently, Sony officially announced the developer’s open-world blockbuster samurai game Sucker Punch will launch for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 16.

As revealed in the PlayStation Blog post, Ghost of Tsushima PC version will feature unlocked frame rates, various presets and graphics settings, customizable mouse and keyboard controls, and controller support. Players can use Steam input to arrange and customize the controller to their choice, and those using a DualSense controller can still take advantage of the device’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Additionally, the PC version of Ghost of Tsushima features support for ultra-wide displays – in 21:9 and 32:9 resolutions, as well as 48:9 for triple-monitor setups – and has DLSS support 3, DLAA, FSR 3, FSR 3 Native AA and Intel XeSS.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 16. Players who pre-order will receive three bonus in-game items including an NG+ horse, astronaut outfit, and Armor dye from Baku’s shop.


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