CSGO weapon skins are for sale for more than 9 billion VND

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest installment in Valve’s legendary Counter-Strike franchise. The game allows players to fight online in a variety of multiplayer modes to increase their rankings and unlock rewards weapon skins new. The feature of unlocking weapon skins via loot box mechanism has been added CS:GO immediately after launch and laid the foundation for the development of a prosperous economy based on skin trading.​


In a post on Twitter, user Luksusbums announced that he is selling the “661 ST MW 4xTT holo” skin for the AK-47 with a starting price of $400,000 USD, a large sum by CS skin standards. :GO. Luksusbums is one of the co-founders of Skinbid.com, an online CS:GO weapon skin trading channel. Due to the unusually high price of the skin, Luksusbums initially had problems selling it on Buff.163.com because the website did not support such a high price.


Although Luksusbums’ weapon skins are indeed rare, each Titan Holo sticker on the gun sells for around $60,000 USD (the gun has 4 stickers). The price of these weapon skins may seem exorbitant to many gamers, but Luksusbums’ Skinbid.com website shows that some players have no problem using real money to buy digital items. Luksusbums’ unique weapon skins may not sell for $400,000 USD, but this story is an example of how games can become a profitable business in some unexpected ways.

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