Gamers Kiem The Origin rushed to become fellow students with Tieu Long Nu and join Co Mo Phai

Co Mo is a sect founded by a female sect leader, Lam Trieu Anh. This is a fictional martial arts sect in the swordplay novel by the late writer Kim Dung. She was the lover of the Toan Chan Sect Leader Trung Duong, but for many reasons the love was divided, the fire of hatred made her establish Co Mo to destroy the martial arts of the Toan Chan sect. The most famous of which is the famous martial arts set Ngoc Nu Tam Kinh. Besides, this sect also has two very famous disciples, Ly Mac Sau and Tieu Long Nu.

Tieu Long Nu and Duong Qua in the movie Condor Heroes

Jade Sword Phong Cham version with the appearance of Ancient Tomb, Sword World Origin chose hotgirl Thanh Meo to represent this sect because of her pure and fragile beauty like Tieu Long Nu in real life.

Hotgirl Thanh Meo represents the Co Mo sect in Kiem The Origin

Let’s learn more about this sect at Sword The Origin to see how Co Mo’s martial arts skills are optimized and implemented!

Admire Co Mo’s skill system

Co Mo’s moves are extremely flexible, both variable and fierce, making the entire martial arts world wary. The internal attack system uses a weapon called Cham, which attacks in close combat, has a lot of control and causes detrimental effects to the enemy. Along with that is high survival ability and good combat support.

Ancient Tomb Sect and Jade Sword Phong Cham version

Ancient Tomb Sword follows the path of external attack, long-range spinning attack, extremely strong critical strike, and abundant vitality. Gamers playing this system have a strong advantage in single PK, while team PK is at a good level. Some gamers believe that if you know how to increase your score, Co Mo’s output damage is among the second largest in the game, and even when fighting bosses, it is also very powerful. In particular, many female gamers favor this system because it has very fast and beautiful skill effects when swinging the sword.


Jubilantly welcoming the new server Ngoc Nu Kiem

To celebrate the new version, Kiem The Origin has just opened a new server with the bold name of Ancient Tomb – Ngoc Nu Kiem. Along with that, there are a series of special events taking place exclusively for this server such as: Reaching level 30 before 23:59 on November 13, 2023 will receive 10 Companion Recruitment Cards; Reaching the top of the sect competition on November 16, 2023 will receive many Nguyen Bao, Le Bach’s Outfit set and Dong Hanh’s Tomb Recruitment Card. In addition, when gamers log in for daily attendance, they will also receive many valuable rewards.

New server Ngoc Nu Kiem

Busily participating in the Co Mo Tien Tung event series

This is a series of events for all servers with many interesting activities and attractive rewards.

Players who are fans of this sect will surely be very excited to experience the Ancient Tomb of Love event firsthand. Only for characters with level 25 or higher, every day players must go to the Mandala Tree at fixed time frames to harvest seeds. Harvesting these seeds will bring players many valuable rewards such as Huyen Tinh, Lenh Bai Mon Phai, Hoa Thi Bich, Bao Thach Chest…

Gamers are harvesting the Mandala Tree

By collecting Mandala Trees, players can also receive Mandala Flower Seeds when participating in daily activities such as Tieu Dao Coc, Pho Ban Quan Doanh, Bach Ho Duong, Martial Arts Master, Conquering Tan Lang, Guild Challenge… In addition, players also have the opportunity to hunt many other rewards through cultivating Mandala Flowers, Ranking Ancient Tomb favorability…

Celebration Fireworks Event

Next, the Celebration Fireworks event, Holiday Roll Call, Resetting x2 Nguyen Bao top-up and many Ky Tran Cac incentives are also taking place and attracting a large number of players to respond. See details here.

Competing for world domination with the Thiet Phu Thanh activity

Besides the above exciting events, gamers should also not forget to participate in the first Thiet Phu Thanh match at 20:55 this Friday, this is a weekly activity. Thiet Phu Thanh is a competitive activity between Lien Server Guilds according to the season. Each season will last 2 months, each competition cluster will include many different servers, applying competition clusters similar to activities such as Bach Ho Duong, Trich Tinh Lau, Tong Kim Lien Server Battlefield…

Map of Thiet Phu Thanh

Thiet Phu Thanh consists of 3 floors. Guilds in the same competition cluster will be divided into tiers according to Prestige rank or competition achievements to compete with other Guilds of the same tier. After the end of the match, based on different Floors, rankings will be summarized and rewards will be divided differently. At the end of each season, the system will base on the Guild’s summary achievements and reward each member after finishing the end-of-season match.

Besides the Ancient Tomb Sect and the series of exciting events above, new features have also been officially introduced such as the Chan Nguyen System… Hurry to experience and share your experiences when exploring these activities. This new activity is on Kiem The Origin’s main channels!​

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