FIFA 22 PC version is “estranged” and lacks Nextgen features

Last weekend, EA launch announcement FIFA 22 with special features “HyperMotion” — a new animation technology that uses motion capture and machine learning to create more realistic animations in real time.

HyperMotion technology will create more vivid matches. However, PC players will not be able to experience this feature because it is only available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia. As for PCs and older consoles, FIFA 22 will be released with a revised version, without HyperMotion.


The same thing happened with FIFA 21. Many FIFA players do not own powerful PCs and EA has made the necessary adjustments so that the game can run on devices with lower specifications .

FIFA production director Aaron McHardy once said: “When considering installing the game on PC, we consider the target audience and their device configuration within their capabilities. We have enough information about Technical specifications of new PCs. Based on those figures, when running the game on the new system, the minimum specifications of the game will make many people unable to experience the next FIFA part. “

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