Gamers can now buy PS5 comfortably without worrying about shortages

Sony said there are 2.3 million machines PS5 shipped between April 1 and June 30. PlayStation 5 sold 10.1 million units worldwide, up slightly from the figure as of July 18 (10 million). The above figures also increased compared to the total of 7.8 million units sold in the fourth quarter of 2020.


During a meeting with investors on the morning of August 4, Sony chief financial officer Totoki Hiroki announced that the PS5 ($499) was no longer at a loss. The PS5 Digital Edition ($399) will also get out of the way soon thanks to additional hardware sales including PS4 and peripherals.

Mr. Totoki also announced during the meeting that the company had secured enough chips to meet PS5 sales targets, after months of shortages of these components. Sony’s sales target for the end fiscal year 2021 (ending March 31, 2022) is the number of PS5 units sold reaching 14.8 million units.


PS4 shipments reached 500,000 units, down 1.4 million from 1.9 million units shipped in 2020. Sony reported sales combined for PS4 and PS5 reached 120.6 billion Yen (934.3 million USD), up from 55.5 billion Yen (508.3 million USD) over the same period last year.​

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