Atomic Heart’s next DLC is even weirder than the previous expansion


There are many things in a game the end may cause problems for later DLC releases. Once the player completes the game with one ending, they may never learn the other endings. Multiple endings can also make the story ambiguous and DLCs will have difficulty following a specific ending. Fallout 3 had to rewrite the ending, giving a completely new ending with Broken Steel.

However, Atomic Heart chose a road less traveled. Title FPS games sci-fi is moving in the direction of releasing separate DLC for each Ending. First DLC – Annihilation Instinct took players back to the mysterious Facility 3826 and built on the lore surrounding the sexy, fan-pleasing refrigerator, but the next DLC, Trapped in Limbo will be a more exotic adventure.

Limbo is a clay fairy tale world that has elements of fantasy and horror and looks like a 3D platformer game, where players need to jump across floating platforms covered with gingerbread houses and devil toys. Players will occasionally get lost in a duck hunting minigame or turn into a goose. Developers Mundfish says: “As you fight, run, jump and slide across platforms, you’ll collect apples to unlock skills, weapons and gold coins to unlock up to 7 unique skins that can be equipped in the main campaign!”

Players will also explore more of the story, learning the secrets of Limbo and the main character’s past. The Trapped in Limbo DLC will launch on February 6 and will be part two of Atomic Heart’s seasonal battle pass.

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