Gamer escaped death thanks to Razer headphones

Gamers have accounts Reddit Enough_Dance_956 shared that while he was wearing it Razer headphones Kraken in the house, one pill stray bullets went through the window, bounced off the wall and then hit him in the head. Enough_Dance_956 could have been killed or seriously injured if not for the headset deflecting the bullet. This gamer was lucky to survive with damage only equivalent to a headache.


Enough_Dance_956 wrote in the Reddit post: “Hello to everyone who sees this post. I am trying to reach a Razer employee to extend my sincerest thanks to them. On Wednesday morning, At 10:30, a stray bullet flew through the window and hit the Razer headset on my head. If it weren’t for the quality of the headset, I would have died at the age of 18. I Can’t even imagine all the pain my family and friends would have gone through. I’m very lucky to be alive. If I had moved an inch forward or back I would have been dead .” Enough_Dance_956 created a second post on Reddit with photos as evidence of the incident.

CEO at Razer, Mr. Min Liang-Tan commented on the first post with the comment “Wow – this is crazy”. Razer then sent Enough_Dance_956 another headset to replace the one. hearing was damaged during the incident.​


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