Free Fire x Justin Bieber releases new MV: Simple lyrics but makes everyone think!

1. Experience the song early when logging into the game

From September 27, everyone can listen to this lovely song in advance by entering the game Free Fire.

Players can click on the music disc on the left or enter the mode to experience the virtual stage and interact with the characters.

2. Beautiful Love with a virtual stage and interesting ways to interact with idols

The melody is catchy, trendy, and imbued with the spirit of Free Fire: Battle In Style. “Beautiful Love” promises to be a breath of fresh air in the US-UK music industry and will be a trending song in the near future. The virtual stage mode launched to celebrate Free Fire’s 5th birthday has brought many emotions to fans.

Virtual stage full experience from interaction to music

3. Justin Bieber appearing in prime locations of major cities

Free Fire brought Justin Bieber to 5 big cities (Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City), by projecting his image on a giant LED screen.

Hang Xanh Crossroads in City. Ho Chi Minh

Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street in Hanoi

4. Official MV officially “arranged” on September 18

The expectations of players and fans were finally satisfied when Garena Free Fire Vietnam officially posted images of the song as well as the Official MV Beautiful Love (Free Fire) on Youtube. The song was also posted on Spotify from August 30 for players to listen and enjoy.

This is a song with simple lyrics but contains hidden meanings that make us ponder. Like the song “We take each other’s time for granted ’cause we’re always around us” (We don’t value time together because we think everything is always around us) makes us reflect on how I appreciate the people around me.

Or the song “We don’t appreciate the sun until it rains (Oh, we never do). Try to see it like a child (…)” (We don’t cherish the sun until it rains. Oh we never have. Let’s try from a child’s perspective) makes everyone stop and think.

The first listeners had to exclaim that this was the melody that made them feel most at peace, or even partly healed the damaged cracks. This is also shown in the character’s story J. Biebs (modeled after Justin Bieber) in Free Fire.

Cover photo of Beautiful Love (Free Fire)

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