Female Streamer received a terrorist call and discovered that the “victim” was the one who harmed her

Surely the story of being harassed by phone numbers claiming to belong to a certain lender is no longer a strange story in everyday life. Even many people who have never had contact with these lenders suddenly find themselves one day the target of terrorist phone calls. Even if you block a number or block a strange Facebook, you can’t avoid annoying, even cursing, strange calls without knowing who is answering the phone.

It is worth mentioning that these “attacks” not only target someone personally but also involve friends, relatives, partners… greatly affecting the victim’s reputation. Not only that, anyone can become a target of attack because as long as someone knows your phone number and uses it to “mortgage” a loan with other parties, you will naturally be implicated.


This story also just happened to me Streamer LinhTibber when she accidentally became the victim of endless attacks from an organization claiming to be a lender. Constantly cursing and claiming that this Streamer had borrowed money from them, the people behind this series of calls also “searched” the Friend List to attack even more acquaintances on Facebook.

Sharing with GameHub, LinhTibber said she had never approached any lending organization and when she cross-checked her ID card number on the homepage of the place claiming to be the lender, the results did not exist. What’s even more ridiculous is that those strange accounts and phone numbers even made up details to attack Linh and her friends. A typical example is claiming that a friend is her husband and asking Linh to repay the debt while Linh has never been married.


Not only that, after posting a correction notice on her personal Facebook, Linh also discovered a comment account claiming to have been infected by phone terrorists… While in reality, she was the one in charge. after this incident. This shows the method these guys use when directly monitoring and “hiding” on the target’s Facebook to get friend information and carry out attacks via calls/texts. With her job as a well-known Streamer as well as a position that communicates a lot with customers at the company, being baselessly slandered like this will affect her reputation.


This is just one of many baseless “terrorism” methods by lenders, affecting the lives of many people, especially social relationships. GameHub’s advice is that you should lock the ability to view Friend List on Facebook, so that only you can see it. LinhTibber also advises people that if they fall into similar problems, they can record the call and report it to the authorities for resolution.​

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