Farewell to the Red Lion King – GameVN forum admin just passed away due to COVID-19

Yesterday, the Vietnamese gaming community received sad news when the Red Lion King – Admin of one of the largest gaming forums in Vietnam passed away after struggling with the epidemic COVID-19. His journey in GameVN Perhaps he will have to stop here, but his contributions to the Vietnamese gaming industry will always be famous.

In the early 2000s, just a few years after Vietnam officially had access to the Internet, GameVN was born as one of the largest gaming forums at that time. With a comprehensive source of information contributed from the community on many aspects of life (but mainly Games), GameVN has continuously developed with a steadily increasing number of members and huge traffic, even This can be considered the forum that dominated the gaming community for the next 10 years.


Contributing to that great achievement is GameVN’s dedicated Admin team, and it is impossible not to mention Hong Su Vuong. As a member of the famous management team, Hong Su Vuong is respected and loved by everyone on the forum. He used to run hundreds of game boxes both domestically and internationally, and did not hesitate to contact the press to increase the forum’s coverage, even during a time when Online Games had a “bad reputation” and were looked at by everyone. received incorrectly.

As an Admin, Hong Su Vuong is not only enthusiastic in community work but is also famous for being harsh on bad content and abuse of power by the board of directors. He once banned a series of members who sabotaged the WarCraft/DOTA community as well as pacified box 71 – where the most “toxic” members of the Vietnamese gaming community gathered.


Thought Hong Su Vuong would still stick with GameVN in the next journey of the new era, but suddenly, he passed away suddenly after only 10 days of contracting COVID-19, leaving a huge loss to the community. GameVN in particular and the Vietnamese gaming industry in general. Many users have posted and shared articles remembering him. A series of veteran members of GameVN also expressed their condolences on the personal profile of this immortal leader, as a final goodbye at the very place where he started…

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