Fans were anxious and worried when PewPew suddenly fell asleep on stream

While waiting for the game at the evening stream on July 5, PewPew (Hoang Van Khoa) leaned back in his chair to rest and then suddenly… slept soundly, there were still more than 2000 people watching. Viewers quickly expressed surprise at this unprecedented situation, but many people suspected that he fainted and was not simply sleeping.

He suddenly fell asleep on stream on the evening of July 5.

Fortunately, just a few minutes later, the male streamer woke up and continued the stream as usual. He said he’s been dealing with a lot of work lately so he’s quite tired. Previously, PewPew was famous for his ability to livestream very “leady”, he used to have streams lasting up to ten hours. That’s why, when they first saw him falling asleep on a stream like this, fans were very sad and worried about his health.

Fans are worried about PewPew’s health.

Although we know that PewPew is facing many physical and mental difficulties at this time, fans hope that he will spend more time for himself and maintain his health, especially in the context of the growing Covid19 epidemic. The direction of development is extremely complicated.

Recently, it must be said that PewPew is encountering a lot of unhappy things, if not “falling from the sky”, from rumors. business Failure led to debt, then not long after Sa Bi Chuong’s broken rice restaurant opened, it had to take a break due to the Covid epidemic. Taking the bus to Hanoi to play soccer with friends, I broke my leg and the most serious thing was probably is a case of someone else registering and losing the PewPew trademark.

Going to play soccer to relieve stress ended up breaking my leg like this.

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