Era of Conquest officially launched globally on October 27

October 27, 2023, in this era full of intrigue and conquest, 4399 Games has brought an SLG mobile game that is anticipated worldwide – Era of Conquestespecially Hollywood’s top actors Benedict Cumberbatch act as a representative, revealing the great war between civilizations for the player. The theme song Art of Glory adds endless enthusiasm to the game. In addition, Era of Conquest also organizes global tournaments, helping gamers show off their talents on the road to conquest. The reward of hundreds of millions of Bao Thach is waiting for many gamers to share. Let’s quickly join this great conquest!

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The great multi-civilization battlefield of the Era of Conquest has now begun

A mysterious meteorite from space has shattered the quiet of the Terra continent. Mystical power has summoned legendary heroes from different eras to participate in the battle for kingship here. The Western Knight King pulled his sword from the stone, the Eastern Emperor unified China, the Mediterranean Eagle spread its wings and flew high; All the great heroes in history are gathered here. An epic page that transcends East and West, through ancient times and modern times is about to take place in the title SLG games Multi-civilization open world Era of Conquest.

After three years of careful preparation, on October 27, “Era of Conquest” was officially launched globally, titled strategy game The epic open world with tens of millions of players in China will launch on App Store, Google Play, App Gallery and PC of 83 countries and regions around the world, bringing diverse game experiences to players. players globally.


There are 9 major civilizations in the game for you to choose from! Players will experience an absolutely fair environment in the game. Recruitment is automatic and free, no resources have to be paid to get them. Based on the restraining relationship between the troops and choosing appropriate skills, use unexpected tactics to defeat the enemy with your alliance, build a civilized kingdom that belongs to you, and experience war. Multi-civilization tactical combat in its purest form.

With the support of new SPR and DOTs technology, enjoy the real-time battle of 6,000 people on the same screen on a vast battlefield of 120KM * 120KM with top quality graphics!


Global face – Benedict Cumberbatch joins the battlefield, who is the ultimate winner?

Benedict Cumberbatch, famous for his excellent acting and profound character portrayals, is the famous detective Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock” and the beloved Doctor Strange in the “Avengers” film series. His participation will add infinite vitality to Era of Conquest and lead players to explore this game world full of strategy and adventure.

In the game’s trailer, Benedict Cumberbatch plays a new role as a mysterious time traveler summoned from the future. On the continent of Terra, where heroes vie for hegemony and civilizations intertwine, he becomes acquainted with generals on all sides and finds a solution to the war. The sound of Viking horns echoed throughout Gaul, the desert king wanted to conquer the holy city. Doanh Chinh, the one who unified China, raised his sword and marched into the distance. Who will lead this world to final victory?


As a global spokesperson, Benedict Cumberbatch has always been known for his versatile acting ability and intelligent image. He fits very well with the main intention of the game “Conquer everything, think any way”. In the Era of Conquest, thinking about flexible tactics and possessing absolute power are essential factors to reach the top of glory.


Come and join Benedict Cumberbatch to use chess as a command to lead Saladin, Caesar and other great figures of brilliant civilizations, using the sharpest strategies to command the teams Legendary troops such as English archers, Mamluks… as well as warlords with the same intention of conquering the world.

The global theme song Art of Glory infuses the passion of conquest into the game

Era of Conquest also created the Art of Glory battlefield theme song for players around the world. With the core idea of ​​“counting famous figures and then looking back to the present”, it integrates the game world with artistic music. The first part of the song presents characters from many civilizations, and the second half is an inspirational call for those who bravely take up the sword, create their own empire, welcome the new dawn, and join together. create our glorious era! Whether it is the theme song or the exclusive background music of nine major civilizations in the game, it can be seen that “Era of Conquest” has carefully prepared a lively and passionate battlefield world for players.


The global tournament is also open at the same time, inviting you to challenge for the highest honor

Launching alongside the Era of Conquest Open Beta, there is also a global tournament with a total reward of 100 million Gems! The highest honor in the global tournament, fierce battles are about to break out!

From 00:00 October 27 to 23:59 November 2 (UTC), after the Era of Conquest Open Beta is launched, all players can participate in the tournament, all regional servers All regions are eligible to participate and will automatically register by default, no need to register manually in-game.

After the tournament begins, all players who complete the in-game event quest can receive the Treasure-Sho reward! As the tournament progresses, participating player alliances will split 100 million gems after completing the goals at each stage! The alliance that builds the conquered kingdom will eventually receive many rewards: Treasures, Generals Hon Hon Bi, Kim Dau, Thanh Chinh skin, data skin, conqueror’s eye…! In addition, the leader will also receive the tournament championship trophy, symbolizing the highest glory!


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