Everything we know about Switch 2 so far

Nintendoas always, has remained extremely tight-lipped about its next generation console, but there are rumors that it will be released in time for the 2024 holiday season. A number of game developers have already had access to the console. machine and information about a large quantity of 8-inch LCD screens being supplied to a Japanese company suggests this may be an accurate rumor.


So, what do we know about this Nintendo machine?

Switch 2?

First, it almost certainly won’t be called “Switch 2.” Nintendo regularly reimagines its successful handheld designs, like the DSi, DSi XL, and DS’s 3DS, but it never puts a 2 on anything. However, for ease of reference, we will still call it Switch 2 until there is an official name.


The Switch 2 probably won’t be too different from the Switch. In 2017, the entire gaming industry was amazed by a handheld device with detachable controllers on either side of the screen. It’s incredibly innovative, and even though the technology is outdated, the Switch is still one of the most beloved entertainment devices. It would be crazy that Nintendo would ignore the success of the Switch to create a Switch 2 that is so wildly different. However, no one can be 100% sure what this Japanese giant can do. So, just leave a little faith for the unexpected.


An 8-inch LCD screen

Although Nintendo has always been famous for its secrecy, some information has finally leaked out. The most concrete information about the Switch 2 has emerged recently, with Bloomberg reporting that Sharp Corp, owned by Foxconn, is supplying large quantities of 8-inch LCD screens to a Japanese company. Although nothing has been officially announced and no names have been mentioned, there seems to be no other option than Nintendo. Especially when comparing it to the Switch’s 6.2-inch screen and the 7-inch version on the Switch OLED. This information, combined with what has happened in the past, suggests that it is likely that the Switch 2 will still only have a single 8-inch screen.


The price of the Switch 2, according to best estimates, will be around $400. For comparison, the Switch originally cost $300, and if you only account for inflation, that number is now equivalent to $375.

Backward compatible

In a very rare acknowledgment of anything other than the Switch, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said last October, when talking about the intention to possibly let users continue to use the same account. future Nintendo account, that the company wants to “ helps ease the process or conversion.” Thus, the Switch 2’s backward compatibility is very high, especially the thought that Nintendo will release its new console while ignoring the Switch’s huge game store is quite crazy.


Release date

The most likely prediction is the second half of 2024, most specifically around November. That’s the standard launch date for a console, allowing fans a chance to clear shelves on day one, then leave adequate time to refill them before the holidays.​

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