Escape From Boykisser – From a meme of the LGBT+ community to a “unique” horror game

Escape From Boykisser is an image that comes from a meme that is quite famous in the LGBT+ community. According to the website KnowYourMeme, this image was created for the purpose of teasing or supporting LGBT+ friends in a naughty way. However, with the game just released before Valentine’s Day: Escape From Boykisserthat image suddenly becomes a ghost chasing the player under a cute and innocent exterior.


Escape From Boykisser’s atmosphere accurately represents the game’s strange and confusing setting, throwing players into realistic and dark graphics. Standing in the middle of that scene is a giant, innocent-looking monster named Boykisser, which will hunt you throughout the length of the game. But don’t think that appearance will make things easier because as soon as the giant cotton ball determines its target, it will rush towards its prey without mercy.

Escape From Boykisser offers true “hide and seek” style maps where players will have to hide and move secretly throughout the game. Each level will have certain elements, such as randomly appearing objects that you can use to help you escape, or long “looped” corridors to test your nerves. If you have ever played The Exit 8, you will definitely recognize the similarities of this level with the famous Japanese game of the past time. Adapting to each level, gamers will find the final escape for the main character.


With the advantage of extremely realistic graphics, along with an unusual villain based on Internet memes, Escape From Boykisser Definitely a game worth experiencing. Not only that, it also has a super cheap price Steamexactly less than a bowl of pho on a normal day, this promises to be an interesting experience for you.​

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