Enshrouded – Survival game to save the world from the deadly fog

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Enshrouded is a title role-playing game new survival launched in Early Access last week. Because it debuted at the same time as a serious competitor Palworld So Enshrouded seems “bleak”, but this game still receives positive feedback from the gaming community.

At the beginning of Enshrouded, you will wake up in Embervale – a fantasy world that has now become a victim of the apocalypse, most of the world has been swallowed in darkness, living creatures have been transformed into monster. As an awakened member, you will need to reclaim the world from this dangerous dark fog…


In Enshrouded, players can establish and build bases, collect materials such as wood and stone to create tools necessary for daily life. At the same time, you can also explore the world hidden deep behind the deadly fog. Once you enter the fog, the timer will start. If the timer runs out and you are still in the fog, it means you will die.

However, you will still have a chance to revive without losing almost any belongings. This is also the reason why Enshrouded is considered a title survival game “quite safe”. In return, the game possesses an extremely large map with unknown lands. If you are a player who likes to explore the world, this will be a choice worth experiencing for you.


Currently Enshrouded is ranked 10th among the most played games on the market Steam with more than 160,000 people online at the same time at its peak. Of the total 12,300 reviews about Enshrouded, up to 84% are positive comments, which partly shows the attraction that this role-playing game has for the gaming community.

Currently Enshrouded is being sold at a 10% discount, readers can buy the game HERE.

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