After 400 years of silence, the famous Japanese Ninja sect suddenly recruited new members

Ninja (or Shinobi) are known as individuals or organizations that operate in the shadows but have a profound influence on Japanese history. The exploits of some ninja organizations were so great that their names were famous throughout the country, and one of them was Fuma family in Eastern Japan. Said to have lived in remote ninja villages in the mountains of present-day Kanagawa Prefecture, for about 100 years, Ninja Fuma effectively assisted the samurai of the Hojo Clan in their control and governance Odawara castleas well as the surrounding areas.

Odawara Castle.

Surely you have heard about Ninja Fuma Kotaro…

… and Ninja clan Aggressive, proficient in this water quality.

Known as the master of information gathering, the master of stealth attacks and the god of war breaks down enemy formations; Ninja Fuma has served five generations of Hojo lords. However, when the Hojo family was wiped out at the end of the Sengoku period, Fuma also disappeared and was not heard from again for the past 400 years. Recently, however, there has been a call to revive the Fuma sect so that they can fight for the glory of Kanagawa, once again.

But unfortunately, it is not Fuma’s descendants who want to regain their lost glory, but the Odawara Tourism Association who wants to restore…domestic tourism. On Twiiter, the association said it is looking for “Fuma ninja candidates” for the Ninja Training Course from October 2021 to March 2022. During 20 training sessions once a week, future ninjas will train with martial artists and martial arts instructors in the TV series on movement and fighting techniques. The training course accepts people who are “inexperienced” and under 18 years old (but must have parental consent). Candidates who know martial arts, gymnastics or parkour will have an advantage.


Because it is a time of peace, upon successful graduation, ninjas do not need to participate in mysterious intelligence activities but will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the shinobi skills they have learned at festivals and historical events. in the Odawara area.

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