Dragon Song officially launched – Opening the largest “Dragon Hunting Association” ever in the Vietnamese Game market

Like a new wind in the Vietnamese gaming industry at the beginning of 2024, Dragon Song always knows how to make gamers “remember every day and look forward to the night” by bringing a diverse, unique and in-depth gameplay mechanism, combined with a beautiful graphics platform and realistic sound. And what’s coming has come, don’t let Vietnamese gamers have to wait too long, NPH Funtap announced the launch of Dragon Song – Dragon Hunting Festival at exactly 10:00 a.m. on January 11.​

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Let’s take a look at the information that you can hardly miss on Dragon Song!

Login to receive Free Vip 15

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dragon Song is too favorable to players the first time they experience the game. Specifically, players will not lose any money and can still “pocket” Vip 15 very easily. Owning Vip 15 players will receive countless incentives, items, or even separate modes for VIPs.


Large community map

The community map is the place where interactive activities between players take place such as trading, cooking, or simply a place to chat or fight through the Hall of Fame.


At regular intervals, there will be boss hunting activities taking place right on the map to increase player interaction and come with rewards for defeating Bosses in the event.

Diverse Bosses, freely plowing items

With a huge number of bosses, players can experience boss hunting maps to receive corresponding rewards as well as levels from low to high to increase attractiveness. In particular, when Boss LSV takes place, players also need to participate in combining to destroy and receive rewards. Boss activities that appear during golden hours will bring extremely valuable rewards, please pay attention to participate.


Freedom to change gender

Starting the “dragon hunting” journey in Dragon Song, players will choose one of two magical factions including the Gladiator – Magician – Archer – Gunner sects. Each sect possesses its own strengths and attributes and is somewhat counterproductive to each other.


Players can even change the character’s gender attributes without affecting equipment or parameters, allowing players to change their playing style to achieve the best results. .

Free unlimited diamonds

Considered a “promised land” for farmers who want to compete fairly with the giants, Dragon Song has many activities to receive free resources, rewards and gifts every day when received are many. , players can freely upgrade their character’s features. Not only logging in to receive gifts, doing tasks or being online regularly will also receive extremely valuable rewards.


Extreme PVP, extremely hot PK

Dragon Song owns many PVP activities that will take place alternately and are divided into individual honor activities, group activities, and alliances so that the community can interact, show off their own strength and your whole community. Not simply personal skills, but also coordination with teammates to win in extremely epic PVP modes.


In particular, players can completely use “hanging up” from doing tasks, automatic PK, automatic Boss battles… without having to move a hand. This can be considered a big plus for those with limited time and is also a current gaming trend.

Unlimited upgrades

There are many skin positions in the game with more than 200+ virtualizations, not only that, but these virtualizations can also be stacked infinitely to increase their power greatly. Depending on the level of the costume, it will give different stats, and they can be combined into sets to activate special powers for the character.


So what are you waiting for? Come experience Dragon Song right away at 10am on January 11. There are millions of “hunters” waiting for you to come along on an exciting and exciting “dragon hunting” trip.​

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