DokeV – GTA 5 super exciting version reveals a series of hot news

A few days ago, developer Pearl Abyss has revealed a new trailer for the title adventure role-playing game Coming soon to PC and consoles – DokeV. The development team has shared more information about the project with several media outlets in Korea.


Below is a summary of the latest information about DokeV:​

  • Pearl Abyss has not yet confirmed cross-platform functionality between PC and console for DokeV. The game does not have a Mobile version and has not yet set a release date.​

  • The specific number of players in each multiplayer mode has not been announced.​

  • DokeV started out as an MMO, but has become an action-adventure game open world during development.​

  • DokeV was developed to serve all gamers, regardless of age.​

  • Dokebi are monsters in the game. Each Dokebi has different stories and is very difficult to capture. In the trailer, Dokebi is rescued by being sucked into a “vacuum cleaner.” This scene will be explained in more detail later. Dokebi are created through people’s dreams and are born when unfulfilled desires or thoughts appear in reality.​

  • The plot of DokeV takes place in a near future, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advanced. The company “Company” produces android robots to help people perform daily tasks. However, Company is actually a villainous organization because they use Dokebi to create AI chips for the robots. The main characters learn about this and set out on an adventure to free the Dokebi from the Company.​

  • Dokebi is usually controlled automatically during matches, except when using special combination skills with the main character. Players can swap Dokebi during battles to gain an advantage over enemies.​

  • In addition to walking and running, players can fly and hover during battles or while traveling and solving puzzles.​

  • The current game world consists of 2 towns. The area in the latest trailer is only about 1/10 of DokeV’s entire world.​


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