Do Mixi patriarch scared fans, confirming he did not have Covid19 but would soon have to undergo surgery.

Reported sick leave from July 10, and on July 12, the patriarch suddenly posted a video in his community group, announcing that he could not return to his daily work and would soon see a doctor, promising a flare-up. explode on return.

Come back with a bang.

In the short video, Do Tay appeared pale and tired and shared with fans that he had many symptoms such as unrelenting high fever, cough, sore throat and chest tightness, making everyone worried. However, on the evening of July 13, the Chief announced to all Tribal brothers MixiGaming that I’m lucky not to have it Covid19 and will stream again soon.

Specifically, he said: “…The lymph node in the neck is benign, the doctor explained that normally the lymph node is located deep down, recently playing GTA so it appeared, no serious problem. I have a polyp-like lump in my nasal cavity. Whenever the weather changes, it swells with inflammation, festers and bleeds. When I sleep at night, the fluid will flow down my throat, causing phlegm and hoarseness, and a sore throat. This happens every day. The doctor said it once before, but now the frequency of inflammation has increased significantly, so this time after taking 7 days of antibiotics I had to have it completely removed. After the change in weather, I won’t have the sniffles anymore, good. for better health. Now I rest for 2 more days to get the fever and hoarseness gone. I’ll do it again on Thursday night and finish this month’s work so that at the end of the month I’ll get the nose scraped out so I can have peace of mind and contribute more. decades from now”.


Below the post, 500 Tribal brothers and the Chief’s close friends sent their wishes to their beloved brother, hoping he would rest so that his health can fully recover and then return to serve everyone and not forget. asked about…the ostrich he was riding.

Rambo, Huyr, QNT, Pino and many other brothers commented below the post.

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