Death Stranding 2 – The sequel to the backpacking game + Shipper is revealed

While waiting Death Stranding The director’s cut version (edited according to the director’s intention) was released on the PlayStation at the end of September. Game fans suddenly received good news from the actor playing Sam Bridges. actor Norman Reedus recently teased a possible release Death Stranding 2.


Director Hideo Kojima has been dropping many hints about the Death Stranding sequel since June of last year, a month before the release of the first part on PC. Hideo Kojima is also collaborating with famous manga artist Junji Ito on the development of a new game, possibly a horror game similar to Kojima’s previously canceled Silent Hills project, instead of Death Stranding 2 .


Death Stranding star and Silent Hills actor Norman Reedus doesn’t seem to like subtle references like Kojima. Instead, in an interview with AdoroCinema about the final season of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus frankly shared: “I think we are doing Death Stranding part two. Death Stranding 2 is in agreement at the moment.”​

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