Foamstars – Clone of Splatoon published by Square Enix is ​​applying AI in the production process

Foamstarscopies of Splatoon due Square Enix published, will be released on February 6. Not only that, the game will be available on PlayStation Plus as soon as it hits shelves, allowing service subscribers to play the game without having to spend money to buy it. A small point to note here is that Square Enix used AI tools Midjourney to create some image resources for this game.


Speaking to Video Game Chronicle at a press event, Foamstars producer Kosuke Okatani said that while most of the game’s artwork and assets were handcrafted by developer Toylogic’s artists, public, but there are also some image resources created using AI.

Okatani told VGC: “All of the core elements in Foamstars – the gameplay and what makes the game fun – are handcrafted. However, we also want to test AI.”

“In terms of in-game content, this is only about 0.01% or even less, but we tested it by creating in-game icons.

In a follow-up statement to VGC, a Square Enix representative clarified that Midjourney was specifically used to create album covers for the game’s tracks, and everything else was done by real people.


“As developers, we are always interested in new technologies to see how they can support game development. In this case, we tested Midjourney using simple prompts to create abstract images. We loved what was created and used them as the final album cover that players will see in the game. Everything else is done entirely by our development team.”

Midjourney is the subject of ongoing legal disputes regarding the collection of copyrighted material, and it was recently alleged that its creators took artwork from cards in the title Magic: The Gathering to teach a text-based art creation program. Using AI-generated art is disrespectful to all the artists who worked on Foamstars and other projects at Square Enix, and are becoming more prominent in the video game industry as they Big companies like Xbox, Ubisoft, and Niantic rely on it to promote their work without compensating artists.


Foamstars has already faced a lot of controversy because its gameplay is too similar to Splatoon’s Nintendo. The fact that it uses AI only makes the game even more unsympathetic in the eyes of gamers.​

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