Daughter playing video game was scammed for 17 million, mother helped, she was scammed for another 21 million

Fraud online or through games is no longer a rare thing in today’s era of developed information technology. If we do not increase vigilance, not only children but also adults can become victims of scammers.​


Chinese media reported that recently in Foshan city, Guangdong province, a little girl was dragged into a gaming chat group by “friends” online. The members of this chat group let out a “bait” that just by doing what they say, the girl has a chance to receive a free smartphone. Being gullible, the girl finally transferred 5,000 yuan (about 17.6 million VND) to the chat group administrator.

After knowing the story, her mother contacted the other group of scammers to get her money back, but in the end she was also scammed by them for 6,000 yuan (about 21 million VND), the total amount of money that mother and child were defrauded. up to nearly 39 million VND. The mother then reported to the police hoping to get her hard-earned money back.​


Police said the mother told her daughter the payment account and password so she could buy online courses herself, but unexpectedly this created conditions for scammers to commit crimes. Police also advise parents not to let their children know their Wechat Pay and Alipay passwords (two popular electronic payment software in China) to avoid similar situations from happening.

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