Counter-Strike officially entered a new era


Counter-Strike 2 The testing and replacement phase has ended Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Starting from today. Title shooting game legend above Steam officially “retired” to make room for a sequel built on Valve’s latest engine.

CS2 developed using tools Source 2, enabling changes such as dynamic smog and a cleaner and brighter map. Here are the key features launching with Counter-Strike 2:​

  • Upgraded lighting, materials, and mapping tools through the move to Source 2​

  • Much of the map has been overhauled and updated​

  • Updated graphics for visual effects such as fire, bullet holes, and muzzle flash​

  • The new rating system is called CS Rating​

  • New sound​

  • The new server has no ticks

Maps currently available in Counter-Strike 2 include:​

  • Mirage​

  • Overpass​

  • Vertigo​

  • Ancient​

  • Inferno​

  • Nuke​

  • Anubis​

  • Dust 2​

  • Office​

  • Italy​

CS2 has officially landed on Steam and still retains its F2P format. Counter-Strike always tops Steam’s online player rankings at one time and the launch of part 2 will bring the number of players to a new milestone in the near future. The game has reached a peak of 1,265,615 players in the past 24 hours.

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