Just stepping through the red door, Warzone players suddenly… travel to Skyrim

Even though it was released nearly a decade ago, The Elder Scrolls V game: Skyrim belong to Bethesda still has a strong impact on the online gamer community, especially when it comes to famous memes born from games. And in Activison’s free battle royale game in the Call of Duty – Warzone series, Skyrim’s meme silhouette once again appeared in an unexpected way.


The new magical red doors were recently added by Call of Duty: Warzone through an update patch. These doors are in certain fixed locations on Warzone’s battlefields that when passed will teleport players to other locations on the map. This has become an endless source of meme inspiration for gamers.

Reddit user Aetherei posted a meme video online where, instead of appearing somewhere else on the battlefield, Aetherei goes through one of the red doors and suddenly changes scene, until she opens her eyes. Again this user was on the carriage during the opening sequence of Skyrim. Before that, this type of meme had existed on the Internet for many years.

Memes from Skyrim have been around for almost a decade, which is unprecedented in the life of the Internet. They are so viral that they have gone beyond the fan community of this game to penetrate into broader popular culture.

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