Counter-Strike 2 will likely launch next week

With just one tweet, Valve has made the hearts of the fans FPS burning. Boss Steam seems to be suggesting time debut belong to Counter-Strike 2 will take place on Wednesday, September 27.


On social network X, account Counter-Strike officially asked a question: “What will you do next Wednesday?”. This might seem like a pretty innocuous tweet to most people, but Valve is famous for making important announcements in the most unexpected and random ways. In this case, almost the entire FPS community took the above tweet as a signal that CS2 will be released in seven days.

Valve has announced that Counter-Strike 2 will launch this summer and September 27 is just a few days away from the end of summer. The developer always makes full use of the time to implement his projects, so a delay of a few days is just a small thing for fans.​


CS2 is described by Valve as the biggest technical leap in Counter-Strike history. The game is a free upgrade to the extremely popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Fans were able to experience and give feedback on the new game through the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test.

Counter-Strike launched in 2000 as a mod for Half-Life, and Global Offensive release in 2012. The move to number 2 after all these years signals that the new game will be a big step forward.

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