Counter-Strike 2 is currently Valve’s most criticized game

Counter-Strike 2 has become a popular game Lowest rating belong to Valve above Steam. The FPS game is being the topic of discussion in the gaming community and has attracted the attention of many fans since its release 2 weeks ago.


For a long time, Counter-Strike has been a monument in Valve’s gaming catalog with a rich history and a dedicated community. The Counter-Strike franchise has made its name thanks to its previous titles and most notably Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – the game with the highest rating on Valve’s Steam. However, the release of Counter-Strike 2 ushered in a new era, leaving the series’ legacy behind, and many players have voiced concerns about this new FPS title.

Up to now, Counter-Strike 2 is holding the lowest rating among the Steam boss’s games. The game received 165,833 mixed reviews, 900,000 negative reviews and suffered a wave of criticism and dissatisfaction. Despite the impressive numbers recorded when Counter-Strike 2 launched, players still expressed disappointment, commenting that the game was unstable, prone to crashes and difficult to meet the needs of the majority of players. .


Players have largely expressed disappointment and outrage over Counter-Strike 2’s removal of achievements CS:GO. They also expressed concerns about the game’s unfinished state regarding Valve’s decision to replace CS:GO with Counter-Strike 2 on Steam. Another big issue is Valve’s discontinuation of support for Counter-Strike 2 on older hardware, including DirectX 9 and 32-bit operating systems as well as macOS. This has caused some longtime CS:GO players to no longer be able to continue playing this game.

Valve has resolved some complaints, but many others remain unanswered. One solution in place is for the company to continue supporting the Legacy Edition of CS:GO until January 1, 2024, but the game will likely encounter many problems after that date. Counter-Strike 2’s low ratings reflect the importance of player feedback and the impact of change decisions on the overall gameplay experience. The Steam boss will be busy handling these conflicts for a long time.​

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