Caught red-handed playing games during work hours, the police sadly accepted the fine

One of the advantages that makes console controllers loved by many gamers is the mobile feature, which allows users to play games anywhere or whenever they want: even when traveling or traveling. Breaks between hours at the company… However, if overused, this will become a barrier that makes you neglect your work. This happened to a police officer in Japan.

The Japan News page reported that recently an officer from the Tenri Police Department, Nara Province (Japan) was disciplined for taking up work time to “adventure” in the virtual world. Specifically, there was a surprise inspection that took place at this police station in February and a handheld device was discovered. Nintendo being connected to the TV in the police lounge.


Later, this 40-year-old police officer also admitted that he took advantage of “entertainment” when there was no urgent duty and is currently extremely regretful for his behavior. According to the investigation, between November 2023 and February 2024, he played games 10 times during work hours for a total of about 17 hours. This has more or less affected the work of this police officer. It is known that this gamer will have his salary deducted according to the number of hours he plays the game as a warning measure.

Playing games is not bad, but being too immersed in the game without distinguishing time and place is definitely not advisable. It can have negative consequences for your work, especially when you get caught red-handed like the police officer above.​

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