Behind the Frame – “Slow up, faint down” with beautiful, mesmerizing Ghibli style graphics

Day of the Devs is an annual event that showcases the best games developed by studios indie games. Anyone can register and the winners will have the opportunity to appear in a special showcase before E3 2021. Undeniably, one of the brightest names this year is Behind the Frame. The completely hand-drawn graphics give a beautiful feeling, as if watching a Studio movie Ghibli.

Behind the Frame’s gameplay is a combination of creative puzzle mechanics and an engaging storyline, providing a quite new experience. The scene is designed in 360 degrees full of secrets that players will be tasked with finding. As a young artist, gamers will experience daily ups and downs and carry out their own projects. From there, she suddenly discovered that there were many strange things in the studio that she had never seen before.

If you are a die-hard fan of Ghibli movies Readers must have noticed many similarities with the graphic style of Behind the Frame. From food to characters, the animations are quite simple but successfully convey full emotions to the player. Through point-and-click mechanics, players will cook, write emails, and solve puzzles. Behind the Frame is being developed by Silver Lining Studios and is expected to be released this 2021.

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